Lifestyle Change

Listening to My Body

My body has been trying to tell me it isn’t balanced. My waist has slowly grown over the summer. My energy has started decreasing and I just haven’t quite felt like myself. It has taken me a little while, okay several months, for me to listen to the message my body was clearly sending! My doctor sent me for labs. After reviewing the labs we determined my body is definitely not creating the important hormones like it used to. My labs indicated I have a lot of stress. The bloodwork doesn’t lie. I need to figure out a way to reduce stress.

A couple of weeks later I had the opportunity to have the PULS testing done at a special rate. The PULS test is a simple blood test that can identify undetected heart disease through 9 clinically significant biomarkers. I do have high blood pressure and am middle aged so participating in this test seemed like a no brainer! I was scared to get the results but figured that knowledge is power.  I received the results  and they are and aren’t quite what I expected. I expected to be in the normal range-which I was, I expected to see I have too much stress, and I expected to see that my visceral fat was high. I didn’t expect to see my heart age is 15 years older than my chronological age. That was a real eye opener.

The good news is 80% of heart disease can be eliminated through life style change. 80%-that seems like a no brainer. Why aren’t more people making simple adjustments to their lives to decrease their chances of heart disease? It won’t be easy and I will have to be committed to my own success but I am worth it!

Lifestyle Changes and Healthy Choices

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I do not purport to be a doctor. I am not licensed to practice medicine. These are ideas I have discussed with knowledgeable people.

Here are five simple lifestyle changes I am going to make:

  1. I have started taking this fish oil. It contains pure Norwegian Arctic Cod oil (Omega 3), Pomegranate Seed oil (Omega 5) and Pollock Fish oil (Omega 7). I am going to take a double dose for a month to see if I can increase my LDL and reduce inflammation. After a month I will take the normal dose. To purchase leave a message at here and somebody will be in touch with you shortly. This fish oil is $66 for a month supply and can be reduced to $55 with a three month commitment.
  2. I will continue the morning walks with my dogs. We currently walk for 19 minutes. Ideally I will bump this up to 30 minutes but that will be down the road. I don’t want to try to do too much and then not be able to make any improvements.
  3. I am going to add weight bearing exercise back into the routine at least 3 times a week. Three times seems doable. I was doing this earlier in the year and slipped out of the habit.
  4. I am going to focus on losing the fat in my mid section. Notice I didn’t say weight. My main focus will be on measurement. My waist has grown several inches over the summer and I need to reduce it.
    1. I am cutting out sugar. This will be the hardest thing for me. Sugar is in almost every single processed product. Sugar causes lots of inflammation in the body. I am an avid label reader so I will just have to leave them on the shelf.
    2. I am leaving all processed flour behind. This isn’t too hard as I have a gluten allergy. Adios to my GF pasta. Hello zoodles and spaghetti squash.
    3. Goodbye starchy potatoes. I know you raise my blood sugar and you just aren’t good for my body.

Reduce the stress in my life. I am not sure where to start with this.

Please help me- what do you do to intentionally reduce stress in your life?