Update on Lifestyle Changes and Healthy Choices

Celebrating the Successes and Planning for the Struggles

In my last post I discussed how 90% of heart disease could be prevented through lifestyle change. I boldly stated these would be simple lifestyles changes-hahaha what was I thinking? Life happens, obstacles pop up and things don’t go as planned. Does that sound familiar? .

So here is an update on my successes and areas where I need to focus and come up with a better plan. Like this daisy that is still blooming even though it is fall and everything is ending I will continue to blossom.

  1. I have started taking this fish oil. It contains pure Norwegian Arctic Cod oil (Omega 3), Pomegranate Seed oil (Omega 5) and Pollock Fish oil (Omega 7). I am going to take a double dose for a month to see if I can increase my LDL and reduce inflammation.

Update -woo hoo-I have been totally nailing this one. I have been taking a double dose for the last two weeks for the win!

  1. I will continue the morning walks with my dogs. We currently walk for 19 minutes. Ideally I will bump this up to 30 minutes but that will be down the road. I don’t want to try to do too much and then not be able to make any improvements.

Update-well rain happened. Cold, wet rain, dreary days and darkness made it really easy to stay inside. I didn’t make a plan for the walking in the rain and mud.

  1. I am going to add weight bearing exercise back into the routine at least 3 times a week. Three times seems doable. I was doing this earlier in the year and slipped out of the habit.

Update- I have added a weekly weight bearing session. With the rainy mornings I will focus on completing 3 weight bearing sessions this week. It is frustrating for me to add weight bearing exercises because I always gain several pounds for several weeks and this can be discouraging. I have also joined a 30 Day Plank Challenge group. Up to a 90 second plank on Day 15 for the win!

  1. I am going to focus on losing the fat in my mid-section. Notice I didn’t say weight. My main focus will be on measurement. My waist has grown several inches over the summer and I need to reduce it.

Update-This is an area I am proud of. Even though I didn’t fully complete my easy lifestyle changes I still had a reduction of an inch in my waist! Celebrating the little victories!

    1. I am cutting out sugar. This will be the hardest thing for me. Sugar is in almost every single processed product. Sugar causes lots of inflammation in the body. I am an avid label reader so I will just have to leave them on the shelf.

Update– Sugar is my nemesis. Ugggg. I can go 10 days before I cave in to a craving. Then it is a very slippery downhill slope. I obviously do better when sugar, especially candy, is not in the house. I love dipping a miniature chocolate bar in peanut butter and those little chocolate bars are everywhere thanks to Halloween.

    1. I am leaving all processed flour behind. This isn’t too hard as I have a gluten allergy. Adios to my GF pasta. Hello zoodles and spaghetti squash.

Update-this was harder than I thought. I have a delicious, easy to make casserole that my kids call, “Lasagna, Not Lasagna.” Who wouldn’t love noodles and melted cheese?!?! I had a few long days and it is so easy to make and toss in the over. To overcome this hurdle I am going to focus on meal planning, especially paying attention to which vegetable we will be eating.

    1. Goodbye starchy potatoes. I know you raise my blood sugar and you just aren’t good for my body.

Update-I have stayed away from the white potatoes. I was able to meal plan and cook two sweet potatoes ahead of time. The meal prep made a simple, easy to reheat lunches.

My motto this week will be slow and steady leads to better health. Trying to complete too many changes is overwhelming and leads to failing and, ultimately quitting. The focus this week will be increasing my weight bearing exercises to 3 times and planning my meals. If the weather cooperates I will even add in some walks. I am going to celebrate the wins that I did have and make plans for the areas where I struggled.

What do you do to stop eating sugar?




5 thoughts on “Update on Lifestyle Changes and Healthy Choices

  1. Hi there, I found your post on the Boss Girl Bloggers FB group. Major props to you for making the lifestyle changes and sticking to them! I struggle to cut sugar out of my diet. Some days I do well but other days I crave and absolutely have to have it. So far, I’ve learned to replace sugars or sweeteners with honey in my tea.

    Valerie | avecvalerie.com

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