Lessons Learned-Bathroom Spruce Up

It has been an interesting two weeks. My husband and son went on a trip. This appeared to be the perfect opportunity for my ten year old daughter and I to change out the bathroom sink and faucet, something I have never attempted. I have learned so many lessons.

  • First, projects will take at least twice the amount of time than expected to complete.
  • Pee traps are disgusting and will make your eyes water and your stomach lurch!
  • Bone sinks aren’t a popular in stock item and oval sinks don’t fit into round holes. Travel time to Alaska for a replacement sink could be 5-8 weeks at the big box stores. Fortunately, there are other stores that carry bone colored drop in sinks.
  • 10 year old girls like hammers and chisels!
  •  Make sure the hoses are long enough to connect and that the hoses connect properly prior to applying the silicone to the stink. Hoses do stretch and the hands of a 10 year old are nice for reaching into tight places to detach the hose.
  • You Tube is a valuable resource when you have a leak.
  • Painting vanities take a lot more time than expected.
  • Painting and patience go hand in hand.
  • Sometimes you just have to cut the blob of paint out of your hair. I hope my hairdresser doesn’t notice.
  • The paint for wall will be staying in the can for awhile.

Living life and learning new things is one of the best examples I can provide my daughter. The sense of accomplishment and team work will be worth the hard work and late nights.

What tips do you have for a bathroom spruce up?

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