10 Things I Learned From the Death of my Smart Phone

I had just put the turkey in the oven and checked my phone for the latest updates. There was a sudden brightness and my phone started an endless cycle of the start up screen, the blue screen of death and a dark screen. The phone would not power down. At first I was upset. What would I do without this little piece of convenience at my fingertips? I was surprised at what I learned.

  1. I miss connecting with my family.
  2. I no longer own an alarm clock.
  3. It is easier to fall back asleep in the wee hours of the morning without checking on the latest news, weather, Facebook updates or Words with Friends games.
  4. Owning a smart phone has made me reliant on it.  I only have memorized the phone numbers of my husband and my children. I don’t know the phone number of my dad or my brother.
  5. My elbow isn’t made to always be bent while looking at my phone every spare minute. I blamed lifting weights.
  6. I don’t miss needing to know. I survived without the latest  status updates,  photos, weather or emails.
  7. It is okay to be in the moment and not do anything while waiting in line.
  8. The forced down time allowed me to focus on and figure out some personal things.
  9. I had “time” to write.
  10. Losing over one thousand pictures doesn’t erase the memories. It made me realize I need to be in the present to make the memories, not looking into my phone trying to get the perfect picture.

And because it is the season of giving here is one extra:

  1. It is okay to not be busy. My frenetic swiping and typing made me look like a lab rat addicted to cocaine. No more. I am in control of my time!